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Johnny Watson

Johnny Watson is known as one of the funniest and most interesting comedians around today. He’s a “Jersey Kid” born and raised in some of the toughest neighborhoods in the State, inside one of the most unforgiving households in the Universe, “sorry Ma!”

“Johnny is the funniest comedian I have ever seen.” Gordon Mills, Club Owner

Watson has charmed audiences across the United States using his raw talent, honesty and innate ability to explain life’s challenges in his own edgy, yet refreshingly clean style. And when Johnny tells a story it's authentic and relevant.

“Johnny is just like Brian Regan: but edgier,”
Bob Perkell, Comedian

As a kid Johnny was accustomed to food stamps, TV Dinners and free lunch programs which transitioned him well for his first few careers, a Navy Seaman, Medieval Times busboy and (un)professional baby photographer.

As Johnny tells it, "I was the poor kid on free lunch who always got my chops busted; since I couldn't fight, I had to be funny." And he's still funny, very funny, making countless fans laugh until they cry with tales of his family, his absentee (not substance free) father, his unsympathetic mother, and his own juvenile struggles that continue to this day.

“Johnny Watson always makes me laugh.”
Adam Ferrara, Star Comedian

Johnny Watson has appeared at the Comic Strip Live, Dangerfield's Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club and The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, among others. He has also appeared in numerous TV, film and theater productions including Saturday Night Live, and the film Killing John Lennon.

Watson developed The Johnny Watson Show, the first mother and son podcast with a variety format featuring talented comics and mainstream content. Johnny is very serious about his art. When he is not on stage, he studies the greats, writes voraciously, and is constantly trying out new material on anyone with ears (much to their delight)!

INFLUENCES: Woody Allen, Louis C.K., Chris Rock, Richard Pryor, Ellen Degeneres, Lenny Bruce, Brian Regan

Johnny is also the host of the only Mother & Son Podcast called "The Johnny Watson Show". Check out our videos in the video drop down box..Enjoy!