Katrina Brown

Thu, Jul 29, 2021
Fri, Jul 30, 2021
Sat, Jul 31, 2021

Katrina Brown

with Longhorn The Comedian

Dubbed “The Weird One” by her step-father, Katrina has spent her life living up to that nickname. With her metal head and potpourri of physical oddities, there is no shortage of material for her to draw from. As the youngest of seven children, Katrina found that cultivating an obnoxious and loud personality was a way to not get lost in the shuffle.

Add in a marriage to a Sasquatch, mother of two boys, and this woman has found a lot to say. She’ll say the things you wish you were bold enough to. She has no filter when it comes to keeping her material real, relatable, and honest. Mixing material everyone can relate to in with her own bizarre reality of being a “Mutant” misfit of society, Katrina’s experiences as a wife, mother, aging woman, Pop Culture Addict, and ‘proof nature likes practical jokes’ keep audiences of every adult age and demographic in stitches.

Simply put? This woman is fearless and fierce.

From colleges to comedy clubs, various “Animal Lodge” shows to fund raisers and charity events, Katrina has been touring for years through OH, WV, KY, MD, IN, IL, TN, ND, WI… and the list goes on. Local spots for NE Ohio’s PBS station, & performing Stand-Up for “Laugh Out Loud St. Louis” round out her ever-growing resume as an Entertainer.

Blue enough to merit a PG-13 rating, and clean enough to not horrify people, Katrina leaves an audience better for the experience of having seen the Mutant Queen of Ohio Comedy.

Longhorn The Comedian

"Longhorn the Comedian” is an internationally renowned comedy headliner. Hailed as one of the most unique acts in comedy, “Longhorn the Comedian” is the premiere Black Cowboy Comedian comic working the country today. His act is billed as “The Longhorn Comedy Show,” is just as unique – a hilarious blend of jokes and observation from a “Country Boy’s” point of view. His material ranges from stuff about his kids, current events and past experiences. Longhorn offers a rousing night of entertainment performed with a Texas Flair. Longhorn prides himself on not being a "Cookie Cutter Comedian", his style is all his own. Longhorn's style consist of Blue Collar, Mainstream and Urban comedy all mixed together to bring you a very unique comedy perspective.

Longhorn has performed with some the country’s top and best known comedians to include: D.L. Hughley, Paul Mooney, Aries Spears, Tracy Morgan, Cheryl Underwood, Greg Warren, James Johan, Tommy Davidson just to name a few.