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Darryl Rhoades

with Adam Minnick

In 1975 Darryl Rhoades formed the now legendary Hahavishnu Orchestra, a twelve piece musical comedy troupe that traveled nationally until June of 1978.

During their 3 1/2 years of touring, Rhoades and band received critical acclaim from Rolling Stone, Playboy, Village Voice and too many other magazines to list. In a review of an appearance in New York, Rolling Stone/MTV critic Kurt Loder proclaimed Rhoades "one of the most savagely gifted writer/performers in the country today". Take a look back at their 1976 New Years Show and check out Darryl's Grand entrance. Their show and material was constantly and favorably compared to Zappa, The Fugs, The Tubes and others. They performed a two week stint at The Other End (now called the Bitter End) which were attended nightly by rock luminaries such as Robert Palmer, Phoebe Snow, Leon Redbone, etc. Rhoades knew good things were ahead when Phoebe Snow stated that it was one of the most disgusting shows she'd ever witnessed while he had spit hamburger buns on simply irresistible Robert Palmer. When word of the incident spread many more artists were drawn such as members of Kiss, Martin Mull, and Iggy Pop who sat in with the group.

On New Year's Eve 1977 Darryl and band appeared on the nationally syndicated "James Browns' Future Shock" on WTBS where they paid tribute to Brown by spoofing him and parodying his "hardest working man in show business" routine. Rhoades performed his new dance "Suicide".

In Jan. 1978 Rhoades did a guest set with the act that opened for the Sex Pistols American debut where overtly satirized the punk movement in general and the Sex Pistols specifically by performing a song with a four foot safety pin seemingly running through his body. The early versions of the Pistols documentary tour (DOA) contains portions of that performance.

During the existence of the band several songs were recorded but only one record was released...."BURGERS FROM HEAVEN/SURFIN' SHARK", a very rare 45 RPM.

In 1979 The Outlaws covered Rhoades' "The Lights Are On (But Nobody's Home). In 1980 Rhoades released his first LP, "BURGERS FROM HEAVEN" which was critically acclaimed while he only did limited promotional appearances.

From 1981 to 84 Rhoades' whereabouts were sketchy, unconfirmed reports of moving to California and romantic involvement with actress Margo Kidder, retreating to India with the Maharishi Yogi becoming disillusioned and turning to professional wrestling, and moving to England to found the new romantic-techno pop group "A FLOCK OF HAIRCUTS" surfaced. To this day he will not deny or confirm any of these reports.

In 1985 he assembled his new group "THE MEN FROM GLAD" and released his 2nd LP "BETTER DEAD THAN MELLOW". The group toured non stop from '85 to '88 and recorded another album, "NO GLOVE/NO LOVE" "NO GLOVE" was acclaimed as being Rhoades' most rockin' recording to date. The group however, was disbanded that year.

Also, in 1988, the song "BURGERS FROM HEAVEN" was used in the Jim Varney movie release "FASTFOOD".

In 1989 Rhoades started touring as a standup comic/one man show. Between 1989 and 1999 he has worked 45 to50 weeks a year all over the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean Islands.

In 1991 he released a compilation of his first three albums called "BEFORE AND AFTER HIS TIME". In 1992 he released his 5th album, "COWPOKIN' & UDDER LOVE SONGS" which started getting a good bit of airplay across the country with titles such as "I HATE EVERY BONE IN YOUR BODY BUT MINE", "MY BLOW UP DOLLS' DONE GONE DOWN ON ME" & "THINK OF ME (When You're Under Him).

Working non stop and receiving airplay from syndicated radio shows such as THE DR. DEMENTO SHOW & THE JOHN BOY & BILLY BIG SHOW has helped to create a large following and leaving little time for Rhoades to perform with musical groups. He performs on rare occasions as the drummer for THE ELECTRIFYIN' SISSIES which include record producer BRENDAN O'BRIEN, RICK RICHARDS from the GEORGIA SATELLITES, and radio personality/rock historian REX PATTON.

In 1994 he released his 6th LP, "THE LEAN YEARS 1950 -1994". The album received even more airplay with his infamous 'U SUCK BEER" commercials which have become his trademark in his standup.

In April, 1999 he released his most intricate' work to date, his 7th LP titled "RADIO DAZE....THE SHROUD OF TOURIN". Aptly titled because it was written while touring in his car. This CD is a parody of radio Deejays from all over the U.S. and close to forty different performers with biting satire of bad gospel music, commercials, and unfunny morning radio shows.

In May of 2001 Darryl released his 8th comedy & music recording entitled "RHOADES....ALL OVER THE MAP". The CD was aptly titled as it contained various musical styles such as jazz, country, swing, heavy metal, rockabilly and more. Also, on this CD are versions of a couple of his songs recorded live in a rare radio interview and recorded live standup from the Punchline in Atlanta.

From 2001-2003 Darryl continued to work a nonstop schedule across the US as a headline comic, in theatre concerts and clubs including The Improv and Funnybones. Even with a full work schedule, (45-50 weeks a year), he managed, occasionally, to keep up his music chops pickin' up some cool gigs wit cats like Chuck Berry. Also, he made time to record a rare double CD of "straight music" titled "THE SHADOW YOU CAST (Depends on Where You Stand)". This CD featured some of the greatest musicians in the south on 25 songs that cover almost every genre of American music and garnered high praise from many music critics.

In 2005 Darryl released his 10th CD, "RAPARATIONS", which received a great deal of airplay on satellite radio comedy shows as well as many syndicated radio shows across the US. When he listed his CDs for sale and downloads on Cdbaby.com, he found an overwhelming audience of new fans through videos on youtube.com and myspace.com, which showcased clips from various TV and live performance appearances.

2008 found Darryl working harder than ever. Between performing 40 weeks in club appearances, he appeared in the film, "Crazy Heart", with Jeff Bridges, Robert Duvall, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Colin Farrell. Crazy Heart is scheduled for release in 2009.

He also released his eleventh CD which featured Peter Stroud & Tim Smith (Sheryl Crow Band), Rick Richards (Ga. Satellites), Col. Bruce Hampton (multiple legendary groups and the film "Slingblade") Deborah Reece (Fmr. Randall Bramlett band member) and other incredible southern musicians. The new CD, "WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION", embodies 15 songs that reflect an attitude that is opinionated and hard hitting. This is definitely a departure from all of his other recordings and is said to be his best work in a career that showcases his music and comedy skills together and separately.

Adam Minnick

Adam Minnick is a comedian, writer, and producer. He has worked at comedy venues across US cities, such as Chicago, Kansas City, and Portland as well as abroad in Dublin, Perth and Stockholm. Adam combines family stories with his whimsical take on everyday life to deliver a clean and intelligent act. He has a laid back persona yet maintains the ability to be both subtle and in-your-face. Adam's unique view on life is due in no small part to having spent much of his youth in the small town of Napoleon, Ohio and the booming metropolis of Perth, Australia. In addition to working regularly at major clubs and appearing at comedy festivals like Gilda's Laughfest and the Cincinnati Brew Ha-Ha, Adam has become a published Children's Author with his first book, "The Adventures Of My Crazy Uncle Adam", which has sold domestically and internationally.

Along with comedy, Adam is the co-host of the podcast “What The Fork?”, a show that highlights the creative process comedians and chefs go through in order to create a joke or the culinary experience. Each episode features a guest comedian and chef.
His latest project is a film "Forgotten", which has been accepted to the New Filmmakers Film Festival in New York City. It is a true story based on the lives of his Grandparents who spent time in the camps during WWII.